Donor Spotlight: Karen Eckhoff

////Donor Spotlight: Karen Eckhoff

Helping Animals Just Feels So Good

The animals who have spent their lives with Karen Eckhoff are lucky. As Karen talked about her passion for animals, she voiced a sentiment, which many of us relate to, about how “helping animals feels good.”

Andrew WIlliams

Karen spent most of her career working for animal-related organizations in New York City and she still supports many of their efforts. However, North Shore Animal League America holds a special place in her heart. “The idea of homeless animals is terrible,” she said.

Like many of our longtime supporters, Karen adopted her first dog, Jemima, from Animal League America in the 1980s. Karen’s grandmother had brought her to look at the animals. “I just had to have her,” said Karen. Just like that, Jemima became the first of many animals she welcomed into her heart and home. Karen’s current four-legged companion is Kenzi, a 12-year-old, long-haired Dachshund who was from a breed rescue.

Karen grew up on Long Island with four sisters. The family’s love of animals started when their father bought them their first horse. She remembered fondly the time she spent training and caring for this family pet and how it started her on the path to supporting animal-related causes. Her interest in animals extends to wildlife and she was able to travel with her sister on safari in Africa.

“I like that your organization is out there doing something about it. I like doing something that serves a purpose,” stated Karen. As a member of our Circle of Hope and a supporter of our Get Your Rescue On® Gala, she likes that Animal League America is on the ground helping animals in communities across the country. She enjoys going to events like the Gala to support the causes that are close to her heart.

Karen cannot imagine a more worthwhile organization than North Shore Animal League America for her to support or a time when she won’t be looking for that next Beagle, Dachshund, or other rescue dog to welcome into her home. She truly believes that “rescue animals appreciate you more…and sometimes they just find you.”

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