Donor Spotlight: Kristina Broderick

////Donor Spotlight: Kristina Broderick

It All Saves Lives

When he marched right up and climbed into her Chanel tote, Kristina Broderick knew that Sammy- a 14-year-old skinny black cat with a heart condition, no teeth, and thyroid problems – had just adopted her.

“I’d stopped by North Shore to drop off some toys, towels, and blankets,” says Kristina, 35, who lives in nearby Locust Valley, N.Y. “For the past 15 years I’ve been donating whatever I could whenever I could. While I was there I decided to look at the cats. After seeing a few and not feeling the ‘magic,’ I met Sammy, who is just so special. We have such a bond. I can’t believe it was only a few months ago – on March 19, to be exact. I feel like I’ve had him his whole life.”

Sammy was originally adopted from Animal League America in 2003, but was returned late last winter when his owner entered a nursing home. Since having that lucky encounter with Kristina’s tote, Sammy has gotten healthier and put on some much-needed weight. He’s also become a special member of Kristina’s animal-loving family- her dad, veterinarian R. Geoffrey Broderick, practices in Huntington, N.Y.

Kristina says Sammy often acts more like her two dogs than like a cat. “He comes when he’s called, just like a dog, and lines up with the dogs at mealtime. He’s actually taller than my Dachshund, Ginger, and my Pomeranian, Kacey, and he just stands there, waiting patiently and looking stoic and dignified with his beautiful green eyes.”

A licensed esthetician and chemical peel specialist with her own business, “skin BY KRISTINA, Inc.”, in Locust Valley, Kristina has recently been able to make financial donations to Animal League America, along with donating the creature comforts that make life cozier for our Mutt-i-grees®.

“North Shore has such a great reputation – that means a
lot to me – and it’s really important that any organization I support is no-kill,” says Kristina. “It blows my mind how nice everyone is at North Shore. All you have to do is be there a few minutes to see how invested everyone is in the wellbeing of those animals. They’re not there just doing a job and going home at night. And when I take Sammy to the medical center for check-ups, everybody knows him. They really, really care.”

“Volunteer, foster, donate, help with a trap/neuter/return program … It all makes a difference. It all saves lives.”

Kristina is planning to expand her business so she can offer more ways to support Animal League America. “I wish everyone would realize there are so many ways to help shelter animals” she says. “Volunteer, foster, donate, help with a trap/ neuter/return program. Whatever you can do. It all makes a difference. It all saves lives.”

To join in providing support for our lifesaving no-kill mission, please contact Jill Burkhardt at [email protected], or call 516-373-3833. Thank you.

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