Donor Spotlight: Tracy Krulick and Tom Dillickrath

////Donor Spotlight: Tracy Krulick and Tom Dillickrath

For Tracy Krulick and Tom Dillickrath, of Alexandria, Va., compassion for animals involves both how they live — and how they give. “Tom and I control the things we can control,” says Tracy. “We control our food, for example, by being vegans. And we make our home welcoming, safe, and fun for our rescues. But we can help only so much. By supporting North Shore Animal League America, we can help so many more animals.”

Tracy and Tom began their association with the Animal League in 2012, following the death of their beautiful calico cat, Briscoe. “Tom wanted to donate to someplace that represented the values he found most important and reflected the way he wanted to honor Briscoe. The Animal League’s mission was exactly what he was looking for—no kill, great care of animals, large scale mission, really making a difference. We need to believe in the mission of any organization we support. But just as important, we need to see that the organization operates in such a way that it effectively furthers that mission and maximizes its resources. The Animal League met our criteria, and we were so happy when Tom was able to sponsor towers for the cat room.”

A year later, Tracy and Tom lost Briscoe’s littermate, Curtiss. Faced with an empty house, they decided to travel to Long Island to adopt a dog from the Animal League. “I fell in love with one of the first dogs I saw,” Tracy recalls. “This little freckled, tri-color beagle was curled up asleep in a crate—she looked like Briscoe! I sat down, and Emma—our name for her— immediately crawled into my lap. She pressed all of her weight into me and stayed there snuggled up. Tom looked down and said, ‘Great! Now we need to find a second dog for me.’ I told him to sit next to me, and when he did, Emma placed one paw on his leg, then another, and then crawled into his lap for a hug. I looked up and said, ‘Wrap her up! We’re done here.’”

Tracy and Tom are proud that Emma embodies our mission. The Animal League rescued her from a kill-shelter in Tennessee. Before that, she’d been a caged breeding dog in a puppy mill. About five days after she arrived on our campus, Tracy and Tom gave her a permanent, loving home.

“When she first came into our family, she was afraid of everything—wood floors, sidewalks, cars, streets, strollers, elevators!” Tracy says. “Now she is this incredibly gentle, sweet, fun, happy, playful little girl. North Shore Animal League America gave her the opportunity to have this life. For that we will forever be grateful.”

To learn more about how you can support our lifesaving mission with a gift, please contact Jill Burkhardt, at [email protected], or call (516) 883-7900, extension 833.

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