Donor Spotlight: Leonard & Jackie Klipper

////Donor Spotlight: Leonard & Jackie Klipper
Donor Spotlight: Leonard & Jackie Klipper

Lives Enriched by Pets

“Every dog and cat has so much to contribute if only given the chance. North Shore Animal League America gives those animals the chance they deserve.”

Leonard and Jackie have been loyal and engaged supporters since adopting their dog Eva in 2013. North Shore Animal League America is as fortunate as Eva is to have the compassion and heartfelt care the couple have brought to us. They feel that if there was no Animal League America, they would not have Eva in their lives. She certainly has become a vital member of the family and has brought such love into their home.

The pair appreciate the importance of the unique bond between humans and dogs or cats. A bond that amounts to a best friend, a loyal companion, a teacher, and a therapist. One of the things they revere about rescue work is that it also helps people. For Leonard and Jackie, that is what they feel connected to—it’s palpable.

A primary component in choosing an organization to support is the ability to see, firsthand, how their gifts have a direct impact. It’s simply empowering. In fact, Leonard has worked closely with our Pet Health Centers staff to determine the most immediate needs. At one time this meant a gift for the purchase of a critical piece of equipment, a medical microscope as well as a new dryer for the grooming department. The Klippers were able to see these specific contributions to the health and welfare of homeless animals in action, by visiting the campus and attending special events.

“We enjoy the sense of fulfillment that philanthropic giving provides. We feel everyone has the moral responsibility of helping others and to make positive change in the world,” Leonard declares. The couple’s desire to continue their support of our no-kill mission is fueled by the knowledge that their lives have been enriched by Eva. That is a special message to share from two special adopters.

To learn more about how you can support our lifesaving mission with a gift, please contact Jill Burkhardt, at [email protected], or call 1.516.883.7900, ext 833. Thank you.

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