Donor Spotlight: Tom and Tammy Mandia

////Donor Spotlight: Tom and Tammy Mandia

Thoughtful, Caring, Giving

For Tom and Tammy Mandia, supporting North Shore Animal League America represents not only their concern for companion animals but also their thoughtful approach to philanthropy. In other words, passion plus practicality equals saved lives.

“We give to organizations that have a clear mission that we believe in,” says Tom. “We look for stable groups that have demonstrated a consistent record of success and have leaders who inspire change. In addition, no-kill is crucial to us. We’re saddened our society even considers euthanizing animals. Animals are too often left unprotected and without a voice in our society. We’re drawn to organizations that give them that voice.”

The Manhasset, N.Y., residents have toured our campus several times, always leaving with the feeling that their decision to be part of our no-kill community is the right one. “We’re consistently impressed by the people we encounter at Animal League America,” says Tom. “From its committed volunteers and dedicated medical staff to its senior management and employees, Animal League America attracts passionate individuals who turn words into actions. We know our donations will support the work we believe in, and that this organization is dedicated to finding the best homes for the animals it shelters. So we’re proud to be part of North Shore Animal League America and look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come.”

In 2014, the Mandias generously funded one of our Oklahoma Puppy Mill Rescue transports. Like all of us, they’re deeply disturbed by the cruel practices at both puppy and kitten mills. For them, the transport was a chance to help desperate animals make the transition to a better future.

“We’re grateful to be able to help those who need assistance and can’t help themselves,” says Tom. “We know from experience that animals are individuals with unique qualities and needs and deserve respect and dignity. Yes they’re resilient, but they need a supportive environment to flourish.”

The Mandias have always shared their lives with Mutt-i-grees, several of whom came from our campus. At the moment, they live with two felines, Ernie, 8, adopted from their veterinarian, and Henry, 3, an Animal League America alum. Tom and Tammy clearly appreciate their cats’ distinct personalities and dedicate themselves to their wellbeing.

“Henry is a bit of a diva,” says Tom, “very handsome but slightly insecure and in need of attention. He’s tough on the outside but a real softie on the inside. And right now, we’re helping Ernie, who’s a sweet boy, through a challenging illness. He’s a real fighter, and we’re doing all we can to keep him happy and strong.

“Like all the cats and dogs we’ve been lucky enough to know over the years,” Tom adds, “Ernie and Henry bring us happiness every day. As their guardians we realize that the time we have with them goes by in a flash and must be cherished.”

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