A New Beginning at Animal League America

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After ten-year-old Phoenix was rescued from a puppy mill, he wasn’t ready for his journey to be over. Though his frail body gave out from cardiac arrest within minutes after arriving to our campus, miraculously this little Maltese sputtered back to life in our Pet Health Center, earning him the nickname Phoenix. Our fast-acting veterinary team placed him in an oxygen chamber so he could begin to regain his strength.

Phoenix came to Animal League America that day along with 49 other dogs rescued from commercial breeders in the Midwest — part of a collaboration with our partner, National Mill Dog Rescue. These type of lifesaving efforts are part of what makes Animal League America the world leader of the no-kill movement. Many of the animals we saw that day had sadly been treated as commodities — used purely for breeding purposes, and surrendered when they were no longer viable, deemed too old for adoption, or suffering with an easily-treatable medical condition. Fortunately, we know how incredible these animals are, and what loyal and loving companions they could be.

Phoenix will require monitoring and daily medication for his congestive heart failure, but now he has the love from his incredible adopters. Bobbi Minnick and Kent Schuyler recently lost their own Maltese from the same heart condition, and had no idea they would welcome a new family member so soon. After seeing Phoenix’s story on Instagram however, they drove all the way from PA to meet him, and they consider adopting Phoenix (renamed Joey) the best decision they ever made. “We are so excited to give Joey a new chance at life,” said Bobbi. “Every day we see more trust. We want to give Joey his best life for as long as he is on this earth. He is a LOVE!”

You can follow Joey on Instagram at @joeypminnick and learn how he’s getting all the love he deserves.

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