Sweet Oreo and Her Pups Find Safety in Our Nursery

///Sweet Oreo and Her Pups Find Safety in Our Nursery

We have a special place in our hearts and in our facility for new mamas. Within our Sponsorship Nursery, we can give extra TLC to animals like our recent rescue Oreo, and her new litter of eight precious pups.

Oreo came to us from our partner Rescue Dog & End of Life Sanctuary in Tennessee. Sadly, this adorable girl wasn’t provided with the responsible home every pet deserves. Oreo’s owner did not have her spayed and did not have a plan for her care in case of an emergency, which in this case turned out to be her owner’s incarceration. Fortunately, our rescue partner was able to take Oreo in, and to their surprise, discovered she was pregnant. Eight of the nine pups in Oreo’s litter survived, and Rescue Dog knew our Sponsorship Nursery would give them the best start in life possible, with our round-the-clock nurturing and supervision.

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Our Mobile Rescue team picked them up, and Oreo and pups have now made the smooth transition to our Port Washington, NY campus. Everyone who visits them exclaims over just how delicious this litter is becoming as they grow bigger each day. They will stay with us for as long as they require, and we will be on hand to address any issues that may arise. Good news for Oreo is that once her litter is weaned, we will make sure that she finally has that loving and responsible home that she has been patiently waiting for.

If you would like to help Oreo and her family, as well as all the future mamas who need safety and our caring hands, please make a gift to sponsor our nursery today. Our mamas and babies thank you!

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