Mixed Breed Dogs vs Purebred Dogs

////Mixed Breed Dogs vs Purebred Dogs

Dogs fall into one of two categories: purebreds or mixed breeds – dogs that we call Mutt-i-grees®.

Adopt an Amazing Mixed-Breed Mutt-i-gree®

While a mixed-breed dog has a more diverse genetic makeup than a purebred dog, the size, appearance, and temperament of most mixed-breed dogs can be well predicted. After all, mixed breeds are simply combinations of different breeds of dogs. So, if you can recognize the ancestry of a particular Mutt-i-gree mix puppy, you have a good chance of knowing how he’ll grow up, too.

Mutt-i-gree mixes offer several other advantages, too. When you adopt a Mutt-i-gree mix, you benefit from the combined traits of two or more breeds. That results in a dog that’s less likely to be impacted by genetic defects common to certain purebred dogs. Mutt-i-gree mixes are often considered the more “natural” dog. When you adopt a Mutt-i-gree mix, you adopt a totally unique companion.

Purebred Dogs

The key difference between a Mutt-i-gree® and a purebred dog is that with purebreds, their parents and other ancestors are all members of the same breed, and generally conform to a specific breed standard. This means that if you adopt a purebred puppy, you have a good idea of how big he’ll get and what general physical and behavioral characteristics he’ll have.

If you want to obtain a purebred dog, be sure to check with a shelter since many shelters, like the Animal League, often have purebred dogs available for adoption. Alternatively, obtain a purebred dog from a responsible breeder. Never purchase a puppy from a pet store, from the Internet or anywhere you see a sign that says Dogs for Sale – since the majority of these puppies come from inhumane puppy mills or irresponsible breeders.

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