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What Your Dog Needs on a “Three-Dog-Night”

Some say it originated in the Australian Outback. Others point to Alaska or Siberia as the source. No matter where it came from, the expression “three-dog-night” means a night so bitterly cold you’d need three dogs in bed with you to keep you warm. But what about our beloved dogs? They’re always there for Read More

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Cold Weather Tips to Protect Your Pet

Dogs and cats can withstand cooler weather when certain conditions are met. Some breeds are even known to develop heavier coats for colder climates. There are however, some breeds that are not equipped to handle drastic changes in temperatures. Pet owners need to use common sense in order to protect their pets during colder Read More

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Protecting Your Dog from Heartworm

Puppy mill rescues highlight the importance of preventative measures for this common (but potentially fatal) parasite. Puppy mills are notorious for their inhumane conditions, housing dogs in tiny wire cages and providing them with little if any medical care. As a result, the dogs that we rescue from these mills often have various medical Read More

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Does my puppy have kennel cough?

Q: I recently adopted a 12-week-old female puppy.  This is the first puppy we have owned and are very excited to be pet owners!  Over the last 2 days, it seems as though something is stuck in our puppy's throat!  It sounds like a cough but we are not sure.  She sneezes often and Read More

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Lyme Disease and Your Dog

When it comes to keeping your pets healthy, the best preventative is their routine vaccinations. Covering a wide array of diseases and conditions, routine vaccinations prevent the contraction and spread of many uncomfortable, harmful and even fatal conditions. This time of year, ticks carrying bacteria that cause Lyme disease are a concern. North Shore Read More

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