Cards & Cats Adoption Event

/Cards & Cats Adoption Event

Feline Frisky Adoption Center
Cooperstown, NY

During what should have been the week of the all-star game in 2020 we held our first Cards & Cats Adoption Event. We joined forces with local baseball memorabilia shops and card collectors for an event that would give them the opportunity to showcase their items while helping get cats adopted. Together we promoted the socially distanced event on our websites and social media channels. Each day featured two shops with a limited number of visitors allowed per hour. Each shop was responsible for sanitizing their tables after each visitor, which turned out to be fairly easy since they had their own portable displays, and some showed their larger collections digitally on iPads.

Meanwhile in our courtyard, we had a baseball diamond set up in a sort of full coverage batting cage where the cats could run and play. We made baseball cards that hung on the outside to showcase personality points on each cat.

It was a great week that gave us a much needed bump in adoptions. Some adoptions were made by people who just came for the cards but fell in love with a cat. We even received some nice donations.


Submitted by: John Stearns, Shelter Director

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