Double Duty Fundraising for Special Needs Dog

/Double Duty Fundraising for Special Needs Dog

Jackson Animal Rescue
Jackson, MS

We recently had a dog come in with a severe injury to his legs, seems he was hit by a car. We name him Scooter, mainly because of the way he scooted around to get attention. Even though he was injured he was such a lovable dog and we knew we had to help him. But that would cost money. We started a Go-Fund Me page, and began posting videos of Scooter on social media and updating our audience periodically. Well, the Go-Fund Me page did very well and helped raise over 20K (and still going!) What we didn’t know is that one of our social media followers, who has a large following of her own created a Facebook Fundraiser and helped us raise another 10K!

Think outside the box for fundraising. There are many crowdfunding pages like Go-Fund Me, and most only take a minimal percentage for the service. Getting the word out and keeping it in front of your audience is key to getting those numbers up. And you never know who might be out there wanting to help.

Submitted by: Beverly Abernathy, Director

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