Do you rent or exchange my name to other organizations?

/Do you rent or exchange my name to other organizations?

As many similar organizations regularly do, North Shore Animal League America may rent or exchange your name with other organizations. The reason we do this is to secure additional income so that we can save more animals’ lives. However, we would be happy to remove your name from our rental list at your request. Just call us at 516-883-7900, extension 700, and give us your name and address for removal. You may also contact the Direct Marketing Association, to have you added to their national registry. This will allow you to reduce the amount of national commercial or nonprofit mail you receive at home. You can register online, or via mail.

Because of good friends like you, we continue to save tens of thousands of animals each year – over 1.1 million since we began in 1944. Please take a tour of our website and learn about all of the wonderful programs at North Shore Animal League America.

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