What are my responsibilities as a foster parent?

/What are my responsibilities as a foster parent?

On a daily basis, you are responsible for providing your foster animal with love, food/water, shelter, safety, training and proper socialization.

You are expected to be available via phone call, text, and/or email to provide updates on how the animal is doing, coordinate vet appointment or meetings with potential adopters. You must answer any questions we may have about your foster animal honestly so that we can make sure they stay healthy and all of their needs are met. You are expected to transport your animal to our Port Washington, NY campus whenever necessary, when given reasonable notice for purposes including veterinary care, readmission to the shelter, meetings with potential adopters, training, etc. You are expected to make plans to pick up any supplies you need directly with the Foster Care Program Manager and return all supplies to Animal League America so that it is available for another foster to access. We also ask that fosters send us photos and videos of the foster animals in the home to use on the animal’s online profile and our social media channels.

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