What is a “Planned Gift”?

/What is a “Planned Gift”?

A “planned gift” can come in many forms, but they all share a common characteristic in that the Animal League’s use of the gift is deferred in your lifetime.

Planned gifts are an essential element in our continued mission to save over 20,000 cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens each year and find them new, loving homes. As you will learn from the information contained in this section, there are many ways to make your own planned gift and contribute to our life-saving mission.

Everyone who makes a planned gift to the Animal League becomes a member of the Pet Protectors Society and will be recognized (either by name or anonymously) as an essential supporter of the Animal League. Membership in the Pet Protectors Society is a wonderful way to evidence, both now and in the future, your love of animals and your commitment to their protection.

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