What should I expect when I welcome a new foster into my home?

/What should I expect when I welcome a new foster into my home?

Welcoming a new foster into your home is an exciting experience. It is important to acclimate your new foster animal appropriately. Upon being accepted into our Foster Care Program, you will be briefed with the proper home acclimation methods for dogs and/or cats. Often times this is the animals first experience in a home, you should expect to work on common training issues such as house training, proper eating regimen, and socialization. We always provide fosters with as much information as we have and take into consideration the foster’s experience level when placing an animal.

If you run into additional behavior issues with your foster animal, we have a team of pet behaviorists as well as Foster Care Program staff who would be happy to assist you in correcting the problem. More often than not, it is a small issue that can be corrected with a little extra attention and time. We always ask, no matter how small the issue is that you notify the Foster Care Program Manager so we can make sure it is handled properly.

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