Helping This Kitten See A Way Forward

////Helping This Kitten See A Way Forward

At Animal League America, we see all the amazing things each of our dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens has to offer no matter what their medical condition or where they came from. Little Zucchini lost his eye, but the scar he will bear won’t hold him back from a wonderful future.

This endearing kitten was picked up as a stray by our partner, the Brooklyn Animal Care Center. It was immediately clear he had proptosis of the left eye, so they contacted us, knowing we could help. Proptosis is the sudden protrusion of the eye from its socket, and most likely caused by an infection. “Eyes like that usually start with just a simple conjunctivitis,” explained Dr. Gerard Laheney, Animal League America Senior Veterinarian. “Left untreated, the ocular discharges increase, the kittens try to remove the discharges and self-traumatize the eye. A vicious cycle ensues with progressively expanding inflammation and infection. Eventually, you end up with proptosis and corneal rupture. Now Zucchini will require enucleation, which is surgery to remove the eyeball. Fortunately, he’s otherwise perfectly healthy and shouldn’t have any problems going forward.”

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Even with one eye, we know Zucchini will be unstoppable! During his medical examinations, this kitten showed off his innately chatty and social nature. Once fully healed, Zucchini is going to be an engaging companion for a loving family.

We’re all imperfect, but our inner radiance shines through when we help others, and that includes homeless animals in need. Your support lets Zucchini know he is beautiful in our eyes, and lets all the animals in our care know that they are valued and worthy of a safe, nurturing home.

Once he was fully healed after his eye surgery, Zucchini was cleared for adoption and placed in our Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. While he quickly became a staff favorite, it wasn’t long before this loveable feline charmed his way into a new family! We’re so happy for Zucchini, and so thankful we could be part of this happy new beginning!

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