Medical Alert

Violet and Her Pups Battle for Survival

Pets are not just like family, they are family. That’s why it was so heartbreaking when we first learned about Violet. Found abandoned in an empty home when her family packed up and moved away, Violet was suffering from a painful skin infection and nursing her litter of nine puppies. With no access to food or water, Violet was in desperate need of help.

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Leah’s Second Chance: Overcoming a Medical Mystery

Malnourished, with bones protruding from her tiny frame when she first arrived, Leah could not keep any food down. She had been surrendered into our when her owners they could no longer handle the challenges of her mysterious condition. An emergency care facility thought perhaps Leah had pancreatitis. Our Pet Health Centers team began an exhaustive search for answers.

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Helping This Kitten See A Way Forward

At Animal League America, we see all the amazing things each of our dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens has to offer no matter what their medical condition or where they came from. Little Zucchini lost his eye, but the scar he will bear won’t hold him back from a wonderful future.

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Tiny Cricket Has a Big Fighting Spirit

First thing you notice about this pocket-sized kitten are his mesmerizing green eyes, if you can keep him still that is! Cricket may have a rare medical condition, but he also has the heart of a survivor and is ready to play.

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Helping Puppies Fight a Life-threatening Virus

Diagnosed with parvovirus — a potentially deadly disease — three rescued puppies are currently being treated in our Freed Special Recovery Center, while 14 others from two separate litters are in quarantine and under our watchful, round-the-clock care.

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Emergency Medical Alert

Three tiny Yorkie-Poo pups were rushed to our Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center in critical condition. The puppies were severely lethargic, unable to hold down any food or water, and suffering from terrible diarrhea – all telltale signs of the highly contagious and life-threatening viral disease known as canine parvovirus.

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