Animal League America Helps to Save the Lives of Abandoned Puppies in Thailand

///Animal League America Helps to Save the Lives of Abandoned Puppies in Thailand

It’s not uncommon for our Rescue Team to coordinate with other rescue groups in various parts of the world to help rescue homeless animals in need. With access to more than 2,000 shelter partners worldwide at our fingertips, Animal League America remains at the forefront of animal rescue no matter the magnitude of the rescue mission. Recently, we teamed up with Elephant Nature Park Dog Sanctuary in northern Thailand to save the lives of three 5-month-old puppies who were abandoned at the gates of the facility with no food, water, or shelter.

Formed in 2011 after catastrophic flooding tore through Bangkok, Elephant Nature Park Dog Sanctuary has played a major role in rescuing dogs and puppies from surrounding communities who have suffered malnutrition, disease, abuse and neglect. Even many of the poor dogs destined for the illegal meat trade in Laos or Vietnam were rescued by this life-saving organization. These particular pups would have never survived without the help of this heroic group. Now with the help of the world’s largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization, these puppies will have the chance to live their happiest, healthiest lives as highly adoptable Animal League America Mutt-i-grees.

“We were made aware of these puppies by Massachusetts-based Veterinarian, Dr. Amy Shroff. Originally from Long Island, Dr. Shroff is very familiar with our organization and knows that we have assisted with several rescues in Thailand in the past. She often makes trips to Elephant Nature Park to offer her veterinary services, so the connection with our organizations seemed like the perfect fit. Once she was made aware of these abandoned puppies, she immediately reached out to us to see if we would be able to take them in,” said Karla Agostinello, Animal League America Rescue Coordinator. “It’s certainly a tall task for everyone involved, but when precious lives are on the line we always do all we can to make a difference.”

After an 18-hour plane ride from Thailand to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and a quick ride aboard one of our Mobile Rescue Units to our Port Washington, N.Y. campus, these little survivors are safe and sound in the care of our veterinary staff here at Animal League America. Once medically examined inside our Pet Health Centers, all three of these lucky pups will be spoiled by our in-house grooming staff before being evaluated by pet behavior training team. They will be provided with only the highest quality of care and nutritional support as they patiently await for the day when they are adopted by responsible, loving families who will cherish them.

With continued support from our generous donors, we will continue to do all we can to improve the lives of animals from both near and far – sparing no expense if it means saving innocent lives. Please donate today to our Rescue Fund to ensure other homeless animals like these three international rescues receive the chance at life they so desperately deserve.

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