My Ex kept our dogs

My ex and I adopted our dogs he basically kept everything under his name. I want to make sure that I can go visit them and take them with me twice a month on the weekends. How can I make sure I can always see them?

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I want my kitten back

We were skeptical about keeping her due to work schedules. We called this what we thought was an animal agency in our neighborhood well a lady came and picked her up saying she was going to take care of her until she can put her up for adoption. We now found out she is trading our kitten.

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Surrender of dog

We adopted a great Pyrenees and he has anxiety issues and aggression towards our smaller dogs and cat. We would like to fix this behavior but cannot work with our local rescue organization to do so because of the adoption contract.

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Verbal agreement not met

I gave a dog away to a man and we verbally agreed that I would have 6 months to decide before I signed her over completely to the new owner. It took me one day to change my mind that I couldn't give her up.

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Adopted sick dog

My mom and I adopted this wonderful dog not that long ago from a shelter. The day we brought her home we noticed she was urinating non-stop. We took her to the vet and the vet prescribed her an antibiotic. A few days later the urine didn't stop so we called the vet again.

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The return of my Poodle

I was arrested and my dog was taken by a shelter. I was unable to have my dog returned to me because I was in jail. How do I get my dog back?

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I gave my dog to a coworker but changed my mind

I purchased my dog at the animal humane society and took him to the vet and emergency vet so his records are there also. I've asked her everyday since then (6 days now) to give him back and she refuses.

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Legal custody of dog

A woman in recovery asked asked me to care for her dog for 3 months. I've had the dog for 10 months and the owner hasn't paid for the care, as originally promised. I told her I want to adopt the dog but she refuses to give up claim to it.

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My dog bit my roommate

My dog bit my roommate but they are not pressing charges. Even so, animal control still wants to down my dog.

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