Adoptee is wrong for this cat.

Q: An adoptee is not returning a cat or our calls from the rescue. I found he falsified, and also did not follow rules regarding acclimating the cat. She's already escaped once and it's only been 10 days. They say they won't return her until they get another cat, but I fear for this cat's safety. What can I do?

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Pet Legal Q&A: Adoption Agency Wants to Take our Cats Back

A cat adoption agency wants to take our cats back and is threatening legal action against us. We had some issues with the second cat and asked if we could exchange him for another one, the rescue obliged, but when they arrived they came with 2 carriers instead of one.

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Repevlin to Take Back Dog

I asked my brother in law to watch my dog for me so I can get the gist of being a new mom. They won’t give me my dog back.

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Can I get my dog back from the shelter?

I gave my dog to a shelter in Ohio because I thought he was acting up to spite me while I was at work. I now want my dog back and will work with vet. The shelter does not want to give him back to me

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Can I get my cat back?

My cat had gotten out of the apartment; I searched everywhere, I put up posted checked sites daily to see if he would turn up, and reported him missing. No word. Then one day I was on Facebook and saw my cat on an animal foundation's page. I contacted them and they had already adopted out my cat.

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