Lost Dog Ashes

I had to take my dog in to be euthanized. I asked to have her cremated and the ashes put in an urn and sent to me. After approximately three weeks I started calling the vet and they told me they could not find my dog's ashes.

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Dog Re-homed Without Consent

I had two days of long shifts and asked my Grandma to watch the dog for the day, and she re-homed him. The new owner got in a car accident and returned him. My Grandma didn't tell me this amd the dog began living with my Aunt. When I asked for him back my Aunt was beside herself, so I told her she could keep him only if she gave him back if need be.

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Vet Called Previous Owner

I received the dog 3 weeks ago. It got out and the vet called the number on the tag. The original owner drove two hours and picked up the dog. How can I get the dog back?

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Can a rescue shelter take my new puppy away from me?

On Feb 21st I went to go look at a puppy to adopt. We found a puppy that was super sweet and we fell in love instantly. Our dog that we already have seemed to get along with her just fine. We proceeded to ask what the next steps were and when the dogs could meet again but this time inside our home.

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Foster Custody Procedures

A friend of mine adopted a dog from the shelter, she found out she is not allowed to keep the dog where she lives. I told her I would foster the dog because I do not want it going back to the shelter. I don’t know what I’m legally supposed to do next.

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Mother Surrendered Dog Without Consent

This past week while I was in class my mom surrendered my dog to the local animal shelter. My dog had a rough start in life before I got him however he was marked as an “aggressive animal”, which is not true.

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