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How do potential adopters find out about my foster animal?

All of our adoptable pets are listed on multiple pet search websites, such as Petfinder. We regularly share updates on our animals in foster care via social media (mainly Facebook and Instagram) and do work behind the scenes to match interested adopters with available animals. We also encourage fosters to advertise their foster animal on Read More

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What if my foster animal needs to see a veterinarian?

North Shore Animal League America covers the cost of veterinary care for foster animals at our Medical Center only. Appointments can be scheduled directly with the medical center or through the Foster Care Program Manager .

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What happens if I want to adopt my foster animal?

This is not a “foster to adopt” program. Fostering is intended to provide temporary care to an animal. We work hard to make sure each animal is adopted into the most compatible home and acknowledge that sometimes it is their foster home. If you are interested in adopting your foster animal you must contact the Read More

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Do I get to choose which animal I foster?

Sometimes. We always match newly approved fosters with their first foster animal based on their experience level and parameters listed in your application (under 25 lbs, friendly with other cats, etc.). After that, fosters can respond to foster opportunities that come up through our email newsletter or on social media. Keep in mind that the Read More

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What should I expect when I welcome a new foster into my home?

Welcoming a new foster into your home is an exciting experience. It is important to acclimate your new foster animal appropriately. Upon being accepted into our Foster Care Program, you will be briefed with the proper home acclimation methods for dogs and/or cats. Often times this is the animals first experience in a home, you Read More

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Is fostering hard?

Fostering is extremely rewarding, but we acknowledge that sometimes it can also be difficult and emotionally taxing. Every foster experience is different, but we’re always here to help and have a community of veteran fosters who help guide new fosters through the trials and tribulations of fostering. Often times, this will be the first home Read More

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Can I foster an animal if I work full time outside of the home?

Yes, but you need to make proper arrangements for the animal to be cared for during the day. This may include coming home on your lunch break to care for them or hiring a professional dog walker. Adult dogs must be let outside to relieve themselves at least 3x/day (the longest they can be left Read More

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What are my responsibilities as a foster parent?

On a daily basis, you are responsible for providing your foster animal with love, food/water, shelter, safety, training and proper socialization. You are expected to be available via phone call, text, and/or email to provide updates on how the animal is doing, coordinate vet appointment or meetings with potential adopters. You must answer any questions we Read More

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