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An animal shelter gave my friend’s dog away to a rescue.

A friend of mine had a dog that was missing. She contacted all the local shelters and dog pounds. One of the shelters didn't return her calls. Finally she was able to speak to someone, and they said they didn't have her dog. A few days later they called her back saying they gave her dog to a rescue because she didn't claim the dog. She asked what rescue, but they refused to tell her where they sent her dog. What can she do? I advised her to contact the police department and file a report and screenshots of all her incoming and outgoing calls to them. What else can she do legally?

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Can I adopt dogs with an ongoing animal cruelty case?

Recently a person had asked me to watch her 4 dogs while she was on vacation. I had a key to the house. Once I saw the condition of the dogs and what they were living in, I had to do something. There was one puppy (she previously offered to me) that was very nervous and scared. I bathed the puppy and took her. I let the owner know I took the dog, and I told her that we had to have a serious talk when she returned. She was okay with me taking the dog at that time. Once she returned home, I explained to her that I could not and would not act like I didn't see the conditions of the dogs and what they were living in. I offered to help her get the living conditions in order (at the time the person was my friend and I wanted to avoid getting authorities involved). Once I had this conversation, she called the cops on me and the cops came to take the dog. I explained to the cops why I took the dog and wanted to set a plan to help the others. I had a photo that I took of the conditions the dogs were living in. Animal control then went and took all of the dogs. and I had to return the one I had to the shelter. I took classes and volunteer at the shelter to see this dog during the court process. One dog has passed away since being in the shelter. They have been in the shelter going on 4 months now. Is there a certain time frame before the shelter can claim the dog as their property and allow her to be adoptable, or do I have to keep waiting? Everyone at the shelter knows that I want to adopt her, and this puppy is getting worse with every day she is in the shelter. I want to be able to get her out of there as soon as possible. Is there any action I can take to quicken the process?

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My sister and I are in a custody dispute over a cat.

A couple years ago my sister convinced my parents to get a cat and they agreed to. My sister just graduated from college and moved back in while she is searching for a home (I’m still in high school). When my sister left for college the cat stayed home with me, and I was the one feeding her and cleaning her litter. Recently my cat got spayed because I convinced my mom to finally take her for the surgery, so my mom and I took her. My sister payed $40 and I payed $50. My sister keeps on threatening to take my cat away when she moves out, even though I buy all of her food and clean her litter box. In a way, she couldn't care less about her needs. She keeps on saying that I am not the owner of the cat and that she is the owner, although I fulfill all of her needs on my own, and my cat seems to prefer to spend more time with me. Is there anyway to get custody over my cat when the time comes for my sister to move out even though I'm in high school? I cannot imagine my life without her, and I am way too attached and cannot even be a day apart from her.

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My ESA pet has been stolen.

I had my ESA pet being watched by a friend of a friend the last couple of months since where I had moved to, the other people in the home were allergic to cats. I had situated myself to have him back, but the person watching him became unreachable. I even went to the home to find that the girl moved. When I texted, they said wrong number. Now this person is completely MIA other than on social media. I contacted her on Facebook and then was blocked! Since he is a registered emotional support animal does that give me any more rights? What can I do to get him back? We had a agreement that there wasn’t pay required to watch as this was supposedly a friend, but we even messaged her on social media to pay her for the troubles of watching him before we were blocked.

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My ex rehomed my dog. How do I get him back?

I would like to know what steps I can take to get my dog Alex, who I have had for many years, back. My ex has rehomed him. I do know where the dog is, but the new owners won't let me see him and aren't willing to talk. What can I do?

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I surrendered my dog. Can I find the new owners?

My old dog was surrendered 8 months ago. Can someone tell me how to locate her? She was adopted at 5 years old. I don't want her back, but I want to tell her thank you and say goodbye. How do I find her new owners?

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I rehomed my dog and he is being returned.

I met a lovely couple who I rehomed my dog with. They met him before hand and loved him and their other dog loved him too. They took him home. Now it's been a week and they want to bring him back because their female dog randomly does not like him anymore. My guess is they really wanted to breed them, but I didn't take them as that type of people. But my question is, do I have to return the rehoming fee I charged them? I used the money to pay his past vet bill so they didn't have any problem taking him back to his original vet. So am I responsible for returning the fee or do they give that up by returning him?

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How can I help an animal that is being abused?

Can I legally remove a dog off a property if I have evidence of abuse? My wife's sister lives in the apartment above these people, and that poor dog has been in 90+ degree weather for weeks locked in a kennel, and they hear them hitting the dog daily.

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Can I buy my dog back after signing him over?

I took a dog in, but I am unable to pay the vet bill. I asked about every option, and of course being scared and worried, I signed him over to them. I called to see how he was doing and was told that I don't have any right to call them, he will be fixed, and he will go to a shelter. They said to not ever call again and harass them. They were completely dismissive, and I honestly feel like I made a mistake. Is there any way I can buy him back?

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