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North Shore Animal League America National Spokesperson Beth Stern is an incredible advocate for the animals, and a proud parent to Animal League America adopted cats Walter, Leon Bear, Bella, Yoda and Sophia.

Beth helps focus national attention on the plight of shelter animals, appearing on so many TV and cable shows to help spread the word about shelter adoptions.

Beth also helps behind the scenes, lending a hand to our rescue team as they take animals from our Mobile Adoption Units to our medical facility. Beth’s passion for the animals is truly unmatched — she even ran a 26.2 mile marathon to save lives.

Surviving Disaster

A Salute to All the Small Ones When I saw this photo online recently, my heart skipped a beat. The Telegraph/Facebook The stoic faces of these two storm-soaked parrots, who’d flown to the 22nd floor of a hotel in Florida to find Read More

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A Loved Life

Our Charlie Boy: RIP On July 31 our beautiful Charlie Boy was diagnosed with a mass in his abdomen. He came home to be with us for a day and a night, and then returned to the hospital for surgery on Aug. 1. Our extraordinary veterinarians, doctors Holdsworth and Read More

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A Month of Kittens and Wishes

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes events in a single month can grab your attention and help you see what really matters in life. That was the kind of month I just had, and I want to tell you about it. I’ll begin with a cat. (Big surprise, right?) She — or I should Read More

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When Being A Senior Means Being Perfect

There are all kinds of reasons senior pets find themselves in shelters, and 90 percent of those reasons have nothing to do with the pets. And there are all kinds of reasons senior pets make fantastic companions, and 100 percent of those reasons have everything to do with the pets. I’ve been thinking a Read More

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Why Mother’s Day Isn’t Just for Mothers

A mama cat nurses her litter of kittens ...plus one baby skunk.A beautiful hen sits gently on a puppy to keep him warm.A dog nurses baby rabbits.And perhaps my favorite: An orphaned, 3-month-old bush baby cuddles into the protective embrace of a 7-year-old baboon.   Photo: Reuters/Thomas Mukoya Everywhere I look these Read More

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A Month of Hope and Challenges: April’s Cats and Dogs

It's raining as I write this - sprinkling, to be exact - but it's April, a month defined by showers of hope and promise - the month when spring begins! For me, it's also a month of mixed feelings and fresh nuggets. Two arrived just yesterday - tuxedo kittens, clearly literary types, named Franny Read More

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Teeth Wisdom: Caring for Your Best Friend’s Pearly Whites!

Bella Bellissima home from her oral surgery. One look at the calendar and it seems that every month of the year is dedicated to a special cause...and they're all so worthwhile. What a great way to draw attention to important health and social issues, from child nutrition to Black history, from women's Read More

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How to Get Your Rescue On: Welcome 2017 with Hope and Joy!

I posted a picture on my Instagram page recently that has absolutely nothing to do with cats or kittens. It's not a photo of people, either, yet it's one of the sweetest images I've ever seen. In a muddy, grey river, a mother elephant gently supports her newborn, teaching the baby how to stand against Read More

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Making Wishes…And Making Them Come True!

A couple of weeks ago Howard and I were relaxing with a small group of friends when I just sort of blurted out — and I’m not sure where this came from —“You know what I wish? I wish every adoptable pet at North Shore Animal League America gets adopted by Christmas.” And, wow! Read More

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