What is Sponsorship?

Sponsorship is your personal monthly donation commitment to support critical programs offered by North Shore Animal League America. In line with our no-kill promise, our Pet Sponsorship Program provides medical treatment for all the special-needs pets in the program. These animals are ensured the support they need – even when that means providing lifelong care.

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How do I become a Pet Sponsor?

You can sign up to become a sponsor on our website using a credit card or over the phone using our toll-free number 1-877-Be-My-Pal.

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Cards & Cats Adoption Event

Feline Frisky Adoption Center Cooperstown, NY During what should have been the week of the all-star game in 2020 we held our first Cards & Cats Adoption Event. We joined forces with local baseball memorabilia shops and card collectors for an event that would give them the opportunity to showcase their items while helping get Read More

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Clicker Training Made Easy

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs Temecula, CA We see a lot of adult dogs come through our shelter. Many who have picked up bad habits from previous homes, or were never properly trained or socialized. I always found clicker training to be helpful for both young, adult and even senior dogs. In training my team on using Read More

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Local Boy Scout Troop Collected Supplies

ABC Cats & Dogs Sarasota, FL Some years ago we had a local boy scout troop ask to visit our shelter as part of a project they were working on for earning scout badges. They came and were given a tour and learned about what makes our little shelter run. A week later they returned Read More

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Double Duty Fundraising for Special Needs Dog

Jackson Animal Rescue Jackson, MS We recently had a dog come in with a severe injury to his legs, seems he was hit by a car. We name him Scooter, mainly because of the way he scooted around to get attention. Even though he was injured he was such a lovable dog and we knew Read More

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How do potential adopters find out about my foster animal?

All of our adoptable pets are listed on multiple pet search websites, such as Petfinder. We regularly share updates on our animals in foster care via social media (mainly Facebook and Instagram) and do work behind the scenes to match interested adopters with available animals. We also encourage fosters to advertise their foster animal on Read More

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