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Taking ownership of a dog.

I was gifted a dog because the owner moved and couldn't have a pet where she was staying. Four months later, she found a location where she could take the dog and wanted it back. When I said that was not happening, she called the police and lied, saying I stole her dog. She claimed that I was fostering the dog temporarily and now refused to return it...

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My dog I took to an animal shelter but desperately need back.

I got a dog we picked up on the side of the street. My daughter and I fell in love with it, but my husband said it had to go. So we drove it to the Huntsville humane, but my daughter hasn't stopped crying since, and to be truthful, I've had a hard time too. I need to get the dog back, but I don't see him on the website yet. It's been almost 1.5 days, and I'm getting worried. Will they even let me get him back after my husband told them his name and info? How can I get him back?

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Adopting the dog I want.

I submitted an application for a puppy, but they informed me that the individual fostering the puppy believed it required extensive training and care, stating I lacked experience with dogs, which I believe is a lie and discriminatory. They offered me another dog that they claimed was already trained or any other puppy instead, saying they had the right to do so. I'm confused because they never even talked to me or met me in person. I would like to know if this is the right practice, as I feel they simply don't want me to have the puppy.

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Animal cruelty.

What exactly is animal cruelty, and how would I go about getting my dogs returned to me after they were taken, and my mother signed the owner-surrender papers?

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Foster Question.

I have been fostering a dog for nearly a year. I have no contract. She basically left him here after the meet and greet and only came back to take him to 2 vet visits. I have never received any money for food. They refuse to finalize the adoption; I have no idea why. They keep promising they will come here and never do. It is not at all about the money, I just want to get him established with a vet of our own and tie up this loose end. Do we actually own him because of the time that has passed and the fact that we have no written agreement?

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I found a stray dog and took it to the pound. They told me that after a week, it will be put up for adoption. Can I legally adopt it after that week, even if I'm the one who turned it in?

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AKC papers

I bought a purebred Toy Australian Shepherd 8 months ago. The breeder told us the dog was papered and sold him to us at a papered price. She also took our address and said that the papers would be mailed to us. After months of not receiving them, I contacted her to find out the issue. She agreed to mail them again, but after more months, we still have not received them. So, I contacted her again to meet in person, which she has not responded to. What can I do since I paid the price of a papered dog?

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Dog adoption from rescue out of state.

I got approved to adopt a dog from a rescue, signed the papers, and did everything required. I was told that the dog would be here on April 22nd. I had been in a wheelchair for a year, but now I am doing better and using a walker. However, they never asked how I'm doing now; instead, they asked what put me in a wheelchair. To my surprise, I saw my dog up for adoption. They kept my money and claimed that the dog is not safe with me in a wheelchair. I called them, but they won't respond. This feels like discrimination. All I want is my dog; we signed paperwork finalizing the adoption. My husband is here 24/7 to help with taking care of the dog. What can I do to get my dog back?

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Adopted dog who ran away.

We are a rescue group who adopted a dog out to people who informed us less than 24 hours later that the dog escaped their fence. They have now stopped payment on their check saying they don't feel that they shouldn't have to pay for said dog. We have a signed adoption contract from them. Is this legal?

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