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The dog I adopted has not been spayed.

I adopted my lovely dog Frankie from Abrar, a non-profit organization in the UK. The contract I signed stated that as she was over 6 months they would get her spayed, but they have refused to do so. I can't afford to pay for it so what can I do?

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What to do if someone tries to give your pet away.

My friend is in a highly volatile situation with her roommate, and she is currently trying to get out of it. She managed to move most of her stuff out of the apartment, but for the time being she has to leave her cat. Her roommate who has been threatening and intimidating her consistently has threatened to give her cat away for adoption without her consent. My friend is currently trying to figure out how to get her out, but for the time being she can't. Worst case scenario, if her roommate ends up doing just that before she can figure something out, is there anything my friend can do about it?

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My friend won’t give my puppy back.

I took home a stray puppy and posted on pet sites looking for the owner. It's been two weeks with the puppy, and I needed someone to watch the puppy. My friend said yes, and now her family won’t give him back. They claim they got attached to him, but we are attached to him too. That’s why we opted to take him home rather than drop him at a shelter. How can we get him back?

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The original owner wants her dog back.

My daughter's friend gave us a puppy that she couldn’t have at her residence, and now my daughter's friend is claiming she wants the puppy back after she gave it away. She’s holding on to the tags for the puppy and pills for him, as a means of leverage to get the puppy back. After giving him away to us, do they still have rights to the puppy, or have they relinquished their rights?

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I believe my dog was stolen and put up for adoption.

My dog was stolen from me, but I was made to believe she ran away and I was lured all directions chasing after her trying to find her. Later on, I found out that she was in an animal shelter the whole time. At the time I didn't have means to make a post online. I was physically searching for her. I now can get online regularly and was able to find my dog, but she was adopted. I've made three attempts to contact the people who adopted her, but no one has contacted me back. I want my dog back. She was stolen from my yard. I believe it was a distraction so my dog would be adopted. The previous owner's roommate kept trying to get my dog but couldn't because I involved legal. How can I get my dog back?

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How can I get my dog back after giving her up?

As of May 14, 2010, I gave up my dog to Love-A-Stray, in Avon, OH. A week later I wanted her back, and I contacted the volunteer who I dealt with, and she told me in no uncertain terms, how dare I. After sending her emails due to my family wanting to take the dog to a shelter, I was forced to give her up. Apparently, this volunteer felt she had the right to tell me I would have to pay $125 to get her back. Then she proceeded to tell me she would take me to court and use my mother against me. My mother said she would never do that. I never abused this dog, I loved her as if I gave birth to her myself. I want my dog back, and the family who has her now should understand how awful this rescue place is. What steps can I take to get my dog back?

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I want my foster cat that was adopted back.

I am a foster parent and I was tricked by a customer. They adopted a cat from me and I did not notice that they put a PO Box into the address line. The driver license number is wrong too and her phone number is to her work place. Once I noticed, I asked her to provide an address, and she refused saying that she doesn’t feel comfortable doing so. I am very concerned about my foster cat. I have no idea where the cat is currently and she won’t cooperate. She told me that I signed the papers so now the cat is hers, and she said to take her to court. Can I legally demand the cat back?

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Can rescue group take back re-homed dog?

I adopted a dog from a man who got her at a rescue. We have a written agreement. The rescue got wind and now wants me to return the dog to them or fill out an application. I don't agree with a couple of their policies so struggle with the app. I am happy to give references, home visit whatever to keep her. The dog is very shy and thriving in her new environment and I don't want her returned to the rescue. All communication has been with the previous owner, who is a really good person. I don't want problems for him. We both want what is best for the dog.

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