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My ex-boyfriend won’t give my dog back.

My boyfriend ended our relationship and told me to move out without giving me any notice. I didn't even have time to get my dog, and now he wants to keep it just to hurt me more. What can I do to get my pet back?

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Can my neighbor take her dog that she gave custody to me back?

My neighbor was sentenced to a couple years in prison for a felony. He asked me to take custody of his dog. I had him sign a release of ownership stating the dog's name, his name, and that he was releasing all interest in her. He recently contacted me and said he was coming home in a few months and wants her back. I love her, she's extremely attached to me, and I intend to keep her. Does he have any rights? I have the release, the nearly two years of her being licensed in my name, a vet visit, and I intend to change her microchip info from his name to mine. Can he take her back?

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Disagreement with Rescue Foundation: taking newly adopted puppy out-of-state

I adopted a puppy from a rescue. I paid $200 and signed an adoption agreement. They tried to pick up my dog with the police. I refused, and they said it was a breach of contract because I decided to take my dog to my sister's house for a few days to house sit. They were concerned about my dog, but no where in my agreement does it say I can't take my dog where I want to. I had permission from my vet, my sisters dogs were vaccinated, and I was very careful. The puppy is in very good health. The foundation is taking me to small claims court stating that I am indebted to them for $200 and/or I'm not entitled to the dog. Do they have any chance of getting the dog back? I can provide all vet records, vaccinations, and patient notes showing where the vet gave me permission to take him out of state with me. I have personal references of what a great home the dog has. I am worried.

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I miss my cat that I had to rehome, how can I get it back?

Hello, I'm 60 yrs of age and am having surgery soon. I thought it would be better if I rehomed my cat named Muffy, as I would have a hard time post surgery to properly care for him. So stupidly I then posted for him to be rehomed. Soon he was off to the new owners. Realizing I've made a huge mistake as I'm not married and have no children, Muffy (my kitty) was my baby and I miss him terribly. I've raised him, now he's a 6 yr old grey with olive green eyes Russian Blue cat male that's neutered and declawed and oh so handsome. Where do I stand legally? I would like to have him back. I've had talk back and forth with the elderly couple that has him via TXT messages..but now they aren't responding to my texts. Whatdo I do?? Please help.

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Can rescue group take back re-homed dog?

I adopted a dog from a man who got her at a rescue. We have a written agreement. The rescue got wind and now wants me to return the dog to them or fill out an application. I don't agree with a couple of their policies so struggle with the app. I am happy to give references, home visit whatever to keep her. The dog is very shy and thriving in her new environment and I don't want her returned to the rescue. All communication has been with the previous owner, who is a really good person. I don't want problems for him. We both want what is best for the dog.

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My wife adopted out my dog without my permission.

My wife adopted out my dog without my permission. Fill out a form online. Was told I could not back out after she filled out application. She had been told several times the dog was not to be adopted out. Do I have any chance of getting my dog back?

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How do I keep owner from repeatedly taking/returning dog?

Almost a year ago, I started dogwatching my mom's boss’s dog. This summer will be a year. The son, 14 and mother went on vacation for 2 months. When they came home from vacation they were too busy to get the dog back. They eventually took the dog back for a couple days but then gave him back to us because they didn’t want to deal with his accidents and everything else.

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Found Dog

If I found a puppy and notified the shelter and police immediately can I hold the dog at my home until owner is found? Also, what happens if someone comes forward claiming that the puppy is theirs but has no proof?

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