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Can I buy my dog back after signing him over?

I took a dog in, but I am unable to pay the vet bill. I asked about every option, and of course being scared and worried, I signed him over to them. I called to see how he was doing and was told that I don't have any right to call them, he will be fixed, and he will go to a shelter. They said to not ever call again and harass them. They were completely dismissive, and I honestly feel like I made a mistake. Is there any way I can buy him back?

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A lady is trying to give away my dog.

I lost my dog, but I recently found a lady trying to give her away on Facebook saying that it’s hers. When I tried to message her, she didn't answer and always cancels when I try to plan to meet. I’m not her registered owner though. What can I do?

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I couldn’t afford the surgery my dog needed.

A week ago I took my puppy in because I could tell he wasn’t feeling good. The vet wanted $900 just for a ultra sound and X-ray to see what was wrong with him. I was told it could be a $2,000 - $3,000 surgery. Me and my fiancé asked if there was anything else they could do so they gave him medicine hoping he would be better by the next day. He still wasn’t better so I decided to take him to a new vet. They took him into the room right away, and less than 10 minutes later she came out saying he has a bunch of kidney stones and needs surgery which will cost $6,000-$10,000. They said I can pay for it, and if I can’t, I have to give him up. They didn’t give me payment options or anything. It was 1 or the other. I don’t have that much money I’m only 19. They took him and said they will do the surgery then find someone who will adopt him. I’m so confused why someone gets to adopt my healthy pup now. It doesn’t seem right. I couldn’t afford it so I lose my best friend, but the next person gets to adopt him with no other surgery prices? Please help I don’t know what to do, and this doesn’t seem right.

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How can I get my dog’s puppies back?

Is there any legal right I can back myself with to get my dog’s puppy back? My dog and my mom’s dog had puppies together. Mine had four. We kept two and a family member wanted the other two. It has been almost a year and the dogs have not been groomed or taken to the vet, and she leaves the dogs outside in the freezing winter and now hot summer. They are a very small breed of dog and are not meant to stay outside. We established terms of care before asking for the $100 rehoming fee. The terms they agreed to was to take them to the vet when needed, get them groomed regularly, and to never leave them outside because they’re too small. We wanted to make sure they were taken care of and were going to a good home. She swore to these terms and has broken every one of them. I wish we would have signed a contract, but that seemed to be a bit much since they were my family. Now, we want them back, but they refuse. I’ve had every member of the family tell me that they love one of the dogs but hate the other. So, they’ve basically told me they don’t want her, they’ve neglected the care we agreed on, and they refuse to give the dogs back. What can I do to at least get the dog that they said they don't even like back?

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I gave my dog to my coworker and I want to see him.

I gave my dog to one of my coworkers 4 years ago due to my living situation. My coworker and I had a verbal agreement that I could see him and take him when I would like. I haven't seen him once in four years and have contacted the person that I gave my dog to several times over the last four years with no response. I have now contacted his wife, and they are denying me the right to see him. I still have all of his paperwork stating that I am his legal owner. What should I do?

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Is the dog legally mine?

My grandparents owned two dogs. They are currently going through a divorce. She moved to GA and left both dogs behind. It has been a year and half since she left. She has been back in Alabama 3 times and never took the dog back to Georgia either of those 3 times. I asked my grandfather if I could have one of the dogs & he willingly gave her to me. She has been living with me for a little over a month now, I have paid for flea/tick medication, food and supplies. I have taken great care of her since she has been with me. I posted pictures of the dog on FB and word got around that I had the dog. Now she is demanding I give the dog to her & is threatening to bring the police to my door. Do I legally have to give the dog to her? Or is she legally mine since the owner she was living with gave her to me?

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I am attached to my friend’s father’s dog.

I got attached to my friend's father's dog. She has never been to the vet and has no papers. The dog is also attached to me. If I take her to the vet, without the father knowing, will she legally be mine, or will there be an issue?

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I rehomed a dog and she didn’t uphold the contract.

I rehomed a grown dog to a girl with a strict return policy and signed contract. She gave the dog away without contacting me, so can I go take him back? I wrote out a contract and had the lady who adopted my dog sign it. It states that she is not allowed to give my dog away and that he must be returned to me if she's unable to keep him. She gave him to her ex shortly after taking him, and I just found out a few months later. Can I go take him back since the man isn't supposed to have him?

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My ex has my cat.

My ex-boyfriend has my cat. We separated two years ago, and ever since I have been trying to get her back. He has left her alone twice for 14 days to go to Mexico. He told me that he had someone going there every few days to check up on her, but he doesn't realize that that is abuse. I'm trying to get ahold of the woman who gave me the cat. I'm pretty sure I can find her house again. If she says that she gave the cat to me will I be able to get my cat back?

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My ex boyfriend has my adopted cats.

I have two cats that are in my name, and I adopted them when I was with my ex boyfriend. We were together for over 2 years, and I got them at the end of our relationship. I bought many things for them that he still has. We came to an agreement that he would keep one cat, and I would keep the other, because he has a 4-year-old daughter so I didn't want to take them both away from her. However, I was letting him keep them both until I was settled, and the agreement was for me to be able to visit the daughter and my cats in the meantime. The kittens are now approximately 6 months old. I adopted them and took them to all of their first vet visits. Now he isn't letting me even see them and has broken contact with me. Am I able to have a police escort me to go and get them?

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