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Custody after breakup for non-married couple.

My ex left me abruptly without notice and took her things and the dogs (2) while I was at work. We adopted them together but they are in my name (I paid all the fees). I have paid for most of the vet bills, food and a portion of dog walking fees. She paid for the dog walker for the past 6-8 months because she wanted to use someone else. We lived in SF and she moved them to San Diego. I would have been willing to amicably agree to 50/50 joint custody but was not given the chance. She has blocked my calls and does not respond to email. I am not sure how to proceed.

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Failure to Comply with Adoption Contract

I am the director of a 501c3 animal rescue. We have an adopter that is failing to comply with our spay/neuter agreement within our adoption contract that was signed at the time of adoption. They have been avoiding all methods of contact for over 60 days. I’m hoping to find out what the best avenue to hopefully gain compliance would be? While our contract states failure to comply is grounds for removal of the animal from their home, we’d really prefer not to go to that extreme.

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My ex wants to keep my dog.

My ex and I split, and she and I had an agreement for sharing custody of my dog I acquired. Now she is trying to stop me from having my dog at all.

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Requesting to see my surrendered cat.

I have surrendered my cat to a no-kill shelter because I had to move out of the state and because I was having some health problems at the time and I couldn't take care of it. Since I haven't moved yet and I am still in Las Vegas, NV, I have asked to see my cat because my son and I, we miss him. The shelter told me that he has been adopted within the same month when I surrendered, and that they can't give me information of the adopter person for privacy purpose. I have not asked for the Adopter's address or anything related, I've asked if they can call the person who adopted my pet to let me see the pet one more time or send me a picture of him because I miss him that bad. They are not even returning my calls or emails back. I feel they have no right to treat people's feelings like that. What can I do?

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How can we get our cat back?

I am really desperate to get help. On Friday, January 29, 2021, my husband and I did the mistake of taking our cat to the shelter . We regretted it and on that same day he called to try to get him back, but they didn’t answer. Then we went to the shelter on Monday, February 1, 2021, and they told us he had been adopted. That cat was my son special needs cat and now he is so sad he doesn’t want to eat. What can I do to get him back?

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