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Requesting to see my surrendered cat.

I have surrendered my cat to a no-kill shelter because I had to move out of the state and because I was having some health problems at the time and I couldn't take care of it. Since I haven't moved yet and I am still in Las Vegas, NV, I have asked to see my cat because my son and I, we miss him. The shelter told me that he has been adopted within the same month when I surrendered, and that they can't give me information of the adopter person for privacy purpose. I have not asked for the Adopter's address or anything related, I've asked if they can call the person who adopted my pet to let me see the pet one more time or send me a picture of him because I miss him that bad. They are not even returning my calls or emails back. I feel they have no right to treat people's feelings like that. What can I do?

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How can we get our cat back?

I am really desperate to get help. On Friday, January 29, 2021, my husband and I did the mistake of taking our cat to the shelter . We regretted it and on that same day he called to try to get him back, but they didn’t answer. Then we went to the shelter on Monday, February 1, 2021, and they told us he had been adopted. That cat was my son special needs cat and now he is so sad he doesn’t want to eat. What can I do to get him back?

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Who is the rightful owner of the ashes?

My daughter gave me a dog 6 years ago. The dog had to be put down and now my daughter says the ashes belong to her, it was her dog. She said all I was was a body at home. The dog was older and had health issues. She never came to see the dog. I was the dog’s sole caretaker and I loved the dog with all that I had. I want the ashes. Who is the rightful owner?

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Should I help cousin adopt a cat?

My cousin is requesting me to adopt a cat for her and she will keep him. She cannot get him because she lives in an apartment and they are requesting an actual house. I am allergic to cats and although I love them, I do not want the legal responsibilities if she decides she no longer wants him. Is this okay or should I just let it be?

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