The 12 Dogs of Christmas

Founded by Liz Keller as a branch of her Glen Wild Animal Rescue in Cherry Valley, N.Y., Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers trains and pairs shelter dogs with vets suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other debilitating ailments. Liz has a soft spot in her heart for all the dogs in her program, and often finds Read More

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When You Wish Upon A Nose…

Our house feels especially blessed at this time of year. As Howard said so poignantly the other day, “You’re never lonely when you have cats.” And right now, we have some of the most beautiful, funny, and inspiring nuggets ever to share our life and our home.

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Repevlin to Take Back Dog

I asked my brother in law to watch my dog for me so I can get the gist of being a new mom. They won’t give me my dog back.

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Can I get my dog back from the shelter?

I gave my dog to a shelter in Ohio because I thought he was acting up to spite me while I was at work. I now want my dog back and will work with vet. The shelter does not want to give him back to me

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Collaborative Rescue Effort Saves Local Felines

Animal League America's Rescue Team collaborated with Brooklyn Animal Care & Control to save the life of one severely injured kitten, and a homeless mama cat and her five adorable kittens. Now all in the care of our highly skilled medical team and nurturing shelter staff, all seven of these felines will have everything they need to find responsible, loving homes to call their own.

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