The Season of New Beginnings

I read somewhere that September represents endings and new beginnings, which makes sense. Summer ends, autumn begins, vacation ends, and the school year begins. Speaking of new beginnings, there are currently two young nursing mammas in my program, with a total of nine nuggets. Once the kittens are weaned, we’ll have 11 new beginnings to celebrate.

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Labor Day Weekend Adoption Special

Our Port Washington, NY Adoption Center is filled with amazing dogs and cats looking to find responsible, loving homes. To help our furry friends find their new homes, from Saturday, September 2 through Monday September 4, we’re offering 50% off adoption fees for all dogs and cats 4-months and older for all approved adopters.*

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Pet Health Centers Leads the Pack in Its Seventh Year of AAHA Accreditation

At a staff celebration in honor of our seventh year of American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accreditation, Animal League America’s Senior Vice President & Chief of Veterinary Staff Dr. Mark Verdino emphasized that this recognition validates our unwavering commitment to providing the highest level of medical care to all our patients.

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Canines Rescued from Commercial Breeders Get a Fresh Start

Despite days of challenging weather, our Rescue Team persevered to reach the more than 50 dogs saved from commercial breeding facilities throughout the Midwest. Working in partnership with National Mill Dog Rescue, they transported dogs and puppies – including Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas, Spaniels, Yorkies, Poodles and Shepherd mixes – via our Mobile Rescue Unit to the safety of our Port Washington, NY campus. These precious canines, who were cruelly cast aside and at risk of being euthanized, are now getting a new beginning and the care they deserve.

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Fostering Animals During Their Final Journey

The Comfort Pet Hospice Care Program at Animal League America provides the opportunity to foster animals who are approaching the end of their life, and offer them a home and love. Opening your heart to these dogs and cats is a profoundly meaningful and compassionate act; you give them the chance to experience comfort, security and affection in their remaining days.

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Tender Loving Care

Everybody — and “everybunny”— needs TLC. In the last few months, since adding rabbits to my foster program, I’ve learned a lot about caring for these precious bun-buns. For instance, I’ve discovered that they are highly social and like to cuddle and that they have sensitive digestive systems and need a proper and balanced diet along with plenty of fresh water. And like all pets, they need veterinary care, including vaccinations.

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Journey Home Took Five Years and Nearly Ten Thousand Miles

It’s easy to forget that in some corners of the world, dogs are considered pests to be exterminated, or, horrifically, sold as food at meat markets. Five years ago, as part of our rescue efforts to save street dogs in Thailand, Max made the long journey from Phuket to our Port Washington, NY campus.

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Losing a pet…or a lost pet?

As awful as it is to have to euthanize a beloved friend, there is comfort in knowing you freed her from suffering. But there’s another way to lose a pet that I think is even worse, and because July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month, I want to talk about this important topic, no matter how terrifying it is.

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Help Keep Your Pets Safe this Fourth of July

Summer celebrations, starting with the Fourth of July, usually involve fireworks with their unpredictable loud booms, crackles, whistles, and flashing lights. While people are enjoying the spectacle, their pets can be in panic mode. With more pets running away on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year, how do you keep your pets safe and stress-free?

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