I rescued a mama cat and her feral kittens, am I legally the owner?

I rescued a mama cat from under my neighbor’s house and her kittens are feral. The supposed owners have absolutely no proof of ownership and didn't rescue her or provide any type of shelter or food despite knowing where they were. Am I legally the owner since they've been in my care and these people have no proof?

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Puerto Rico Emergency Response

67 Animals Rescued from Puerto Rico As the people of Puerto Rico continue to recover and rebuild after the recent series of hurricanes tore through the region causing catastrophic damage, North Shore Animal League America continues to do all we can to lend a helping hand. Our Emergency Rescue Team is in Florida Read More

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Celebrating Our Veterinary Technicians at Animal League America

Each year North Shore Animal League America saves the lives of more than 18,000 homeless companion animals. Dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens rescued from all over the world are rescued from lives of uncertainty, and transported to our Port Washington, N.Y. campus where they are provided with high quality veterinary care, nurturing support, and Read More

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How can I change the ownership/custody of my dog under my name?

I adopted my dog, about 4 years ago from a shelter in New York with my ex fiancé. He recently abandoned us, and has not cared about the dog or his well-being. I am now over 21 and totally capable of taking care of my dogs and would like full custody. What do I have to do?

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Can I get my dog back?

My dog is staying with my ex boyfriend and my son, but I want my dog back because my ex is not taking care of him. Can I get my dog back?

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20 Years Strong and Counting

Pet Sponsor Program Continues to Provide Hope for Animals in Need of a Chance At North Shore Animal League America, we go above and beyond the call of duty to make every effort to provide the best quality of care for every animal that we rescue. No matter their species, Read More

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