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Lauraine Merlini: From World Famous Local Zoo to World’s Largest No-Kill Rescue and Adoption Organization

As a child, North Shore Animal League America’s Senior Volunteer Manager, Lauraine Merlini, always thought growing up within walking distance from the Bronx Zoo was always just an awesome perk. The Bronx, N.Y. native recalled taking countless trips to the world-famous zoo with her father from their home on Rhinelander Avenue, but Read More

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Chris Miller: The League’s Own Jack-of-All-Trades

It’s just another typical day at North Shore Animal League America. With up to 300 animals residing at our Port Washington facility at any time, it’s safe to say there’s always work to be done. Cages to be cleaned, animals to be cared for, adoptions to be processed - the life-saving mission to “Rescue, Read More

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Erica Knors – A Life in Animal Rescue

“It takes a village to raise a child.” It’s an old adage often used to demonstrate how children are not only raised by their parents and guardians, but by the influence of their surroundings. Here at North Shore Animal League America, the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, we feel the same Read More

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Kate Haslbauer: Volunteers Making a Difference

It’s no secret that cats are very self-sufficient creatures. As long as they are in their own environment they are content and don’t require much tending to. In contrast, dogs are pack animals, they are happy in many different environments as long as they have their pack with them. This allows us to train Read More

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