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Is it a crime to leave my dog outside the door of a store?

My dog goes with me everywhere I go. Most people know her and love to pet her, she's very good black lab. A month ago I was in the store for 5 minutes, when I went outside my dog was gone. I was frantic asking all over about the dog and called the police. They met me a couple hours later, I gave them the information. It was late the next day somebody told me she was on Facebook. I contacted the people, met him at the police station and got my dog back. Now I'm being charged with dog stray by the people who took her. I guess I left on good terms with the police. What should I do? Can they do that?

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Neighbor keeps trapping my cats.

My neighbor across the street keeps having my cats trapped and taken away for coming in her yard. She had my dog taken away last year because he got out of house for a minute and she got smart with me, so I told her off and than she called police on dog. She is using the police and animal control to punish me. How can I stop her? My cats are outside animals but well fed. Dry food with a can of mackerel on top daily. Help. I have to stop her. Can I file charges on her for wasting city money by using them to get at me?

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How do we change the laws so animals aren’t allowed to be kept in terrible conditions?

I have a neighbor who leaves her young dog outside in her small cement yard all the time. It’s starting to get cold here in Las Vegas and I don’t even want to think about how he/she will survive the summer. I had animal control come out but they said if he/she has food and water and some sort of overhang, then it’s not breaking any laws. I have seen other dogs here in Vegas being kept on porches and similar conditions and it breaks my heart. I have called for a welfare check on these animals as well, to not see any change. My question is how do we change the laws so that animals aren’t allowed to be kept in these terrible conditions. What can I do to help? Thank you!

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My puppy’s siblings might be being abused/neglected.

Long story short, today a woman on a bike stopped me and asked me about my puppy while we were out on a walk, and it turns out she knows the general location of one of my puppy's siblings, but informed me that health wise my puppy looks amazing compared to the rest. If I were to locate this sibling and find it in a state of neglect or abused, would it be legal for me to take it, and give it a real home, either with myself and it's sister or to someone I know would give it the life it deserves? I doubt myself in my puppy parenting skills so the idea that mine is the healthiest taken care of in a whole litter is breaking my heart.

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Can we “rescue” our roommates cat?

My fiance & I rented an apartment with my fiance's friend of over 20 years and the friends boyfriend. We moved in 1 month later than planned (still payed rent for the month we missed) and when we got there the roommate had obtained a cat saying that its just "HER" cat. But almost immediately, like 1 month later they started starving and completely ignoring the cat. They haven't fed her for at least 2 months as I write this, my fiance and I have kept this cat alive.

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Is it illegal to spay a pregnant dog?

I went in to our animal protective league yesterday and I saw the cutest little Chihuahua. It wasn’t available because it wasn’t spayed yet until after the new year. The dog appeared to be pregnant and the worker confirmed she was. I told the worker you can’t spay this dog when it is pregnant, and she said yes we do. Does this not fall under Trumps new cruelty to animals law?

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