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Can my sibling take her cat back after 3 years?

My sister and her boyfriend adopted a cat about 3 years ago, but she has left the cat in my and my mother’s care for three years. She has her own apartment, but she took in two dogs instead of this cat. She pays the medical bills, but we house, feed, and change his kitty litter. Does she have legal custody of him because she pays his bills, and at any time can she take him from us because of this?

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How do I ensure legal custody of my cat?

My sister left a cat in my car for what was meant to be only one week, and it has turned into four years. She agreed to pay for the cat's toys, food, and vet bills, etc. After one payment in the first month, she has never taken any interest in the cat or it’s well-being. She has never asked about the cat or even seen it except once, and the cat was very afraid of her. She is currently on drugs and squatting in a local house. To shorten this, she wants the cat back, but she has no way of taking care of the cat. Is there any legal way of taking custody of the cat?

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I want to make sure this puppy is taken care of.

My friend had an 11-week-old puppy for a week. She tried to get rid of him the first day she had him. After a week, she brought him over saying he has worms and fleas and that she doesn't think she can keep him because she can't afford it. I told her to leave the puppy with me until she found a job so she can afford it. I've had him for a week and have spent $400 on this puppy at the vet. It has come out that he is very timid around new people and has bad anxiety and separation anxiety. Now my friend is trying to get him back and refuses to tell me if she has a job or not. Is there any way I can keep this puppy so he doesn't go to a home where he's not taken care of? How should I go about this?

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Can a rescue deny me for having too many pets?

The lady at the rescue denied my application and responded saying that I had too many pets already and that they had not been vaccinated since last year. I don’t think that this is a fair reason to be denied.

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My friends won’t give my cat back.

I placed my cat with close friends when I was displaced from my home due to a fire, and they are refusing to give him back. I have a microchip and veterinary records. There was never a discussion regarding ownership, as the arrangement from beginning until now was that I wanted him back. He is my pet. He turned six on May 26, 2019. The length of time that they had him did extend due to circumstances of living in an appropriate living situation. It was discussed at the time of that extension that I was going to want him back. They then discussed with me that they did not want to return him. Our relationship had never been volatile until June 12, 2019 when I asked to discuss when I could retrieve him. They became hostile and refused to give me my cat back. I have called and left messages as well as texts asking to talk. They now won't respond. Our agreement was always that I was going to take him back, and even at the start they expressed that they would never keep him. I have text messages showing that he is my pet.

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Can I keep a friend’s cat I took care of for over a year?

My girlfriend at the time wanted me to take care of her cat because the apartment she lived in didn't allow pets. I took care of the cat while she moved to a new house. It's been over a year and she has moved to three different places. She now wants her cat back, but I've grown attached to it and have paid for medical and food needs. Am I legally allowed to keep the cat?

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My roommate wants ownership of my dog.

I own an emotional service dog. However, my old roommate thinks that she's his dog. My roommate was abusive, so I had to go to a shelter. Unfortunately, the shelter is not a good place for my dog or for myself. Right now, I have my dog, but my roommate thinks he can get her back. I told him that since the service dog is in my name, he cannot take her.

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Someone found my dog and is keeping it.

I lost my dog because our gate was left open and he ran out. My dog was picked up by a lady around 20 minutes later. She had him for two days, and she didn’t post anywhere that she had found him. She went to get him chipped and put her name down as his owner. The only reason we found out is because her coworker overheard her talking about it, and he remembered seeing my post so he commented on it. How can I get my dog back?

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What are one’s rights as a secondary dog owner?

A year ago I got a beautiful bernese mountain dog for me and my family. My girlfriend at the time helped me purchase the dog. I was asked if I wanted my girlfriend to be a secondary owner to the dog, to which her answer was immediately yes. Although I paid for the majority of the dog and signed as the primary owner, does my ex girlfriend have the right to take the dog whenever she likes? She does not have a suitable living area for a dog that large, and she has a long history of abusing and doing things that I didn't like to the dog. I even have a screenshot of a text of her saying that she doesn't want the dog anymore because "she's a terror to him", but then a week later she took back the statement. I don't feel comfortable with him under her care, and I hope I gave enough information to get a clear answer.

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