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Does the rescue have to return the dog to the woman?

I volunteer for a dog rescue. A woman adopted one of the dogs, decided it wasn’t a good fit, and returned it. Two weeks later, she demanded that the rescue give the dog back. Does the rescue have to return the dog? She said she was “not a good fit” for her family? She is harassing us daily, has hired a lawyer, and is now threatening to send the police to the foster hole where the dog is located.

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My ex husband is suing for the cost of our puppy.

My ex husband and I briefly got back together. While we were at the mall, I saw him in the pet store. He got a puppy that he knew I would want. I always wanted this breed. He got the dog in his name and vet in his name. We broke up less than a month later. I offered to take the dog and payments via text, but he never gave me the dog or drew up a agreement. Now two months later, he is taking me to small claims court for the cost of the dog.

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My neighbor is neglecting her pet. What recourse do I have to get the dog help?

I helped my neighbor adopt a dog from the local shelter. The help I provided was by accompanying her with the adoption process. She had initially asked for my help because of my relationship with the rescues. Although I hardly knew her, she appeared to have taken good care of her past pets. She has had the dog not a week yet, but is neglecting him. She does not feed him regularly and is not attending to his UTI. She also has very condemnable living conditions. I did not see or know this until after the adoption. I have offered my advice several times on how to care for the dog. I have also given her supplies such as food, bedding, treats, harness, leash, etc.. As I am discovering the neglect, I also offered to take the dog back to shelter. She is now refuses/ignores my support. The dog is not getting basic needs met and does not have decent living conditions. What recourse do I have now to get the dog help?

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How can I help an animal that is being abused?

Can I legally remove a dog off a property if I have evidence of abuse? My wife's sister lives in the apartment above these people, and that poor dog has been in 90+ degree weather for weeks locked in a kennel, and they hear them hitting the dog daily.

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I gave away a pet and now I regret it.

A week ago I was under a lot of stress dealing with health issues. My daughter received a puppy for Christmas in 2018 from her dad. Last week in the heat of the moment, I gave her dog away. I did not measure the consequences of my actions. Now all my children are crying and they want their pet back. I've reached out to the person I gave our dog to and explained to her the situation. My daughter was suffering anxiety from being bullied at school and her therapist had stated that a pet could help her deal with it. Now I am afraid that me giving away her dog has her struggling with depression again. The dog has been at this person's home for 5 days. I've tried to explain that I was wrong in my doing, but she refuses to return the dog. What can I do? I have 3 kids crying and begging for their dog to come home.

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Can I get out of my vet contract?

I have an annual vet contract for my dog. I pay $20 a month. This is supposed to cover teeth cleaning, three check ups, etc. I have not been happy with the care they are giving my dog and want to get out of the contract, but the office says I cannot get out of it. I have six months left. I do not want to return to this office, yet I will be out $120 if I don’t go back. Can they legally keep me in that contract? What recourse do I have?

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My family didn’t get to say goodbye to foster dog.

I had a foster dog for over a year, but it wasn't the best fit for our family so we didn’t adopt. We took him to several adoption events. A couple was interested in him at one event, and an hour meeting was set up the following week between them and an agency representative. The rep. took him to the visit, and then called to say she would follow them back to their home, and they would keep the dog beginning immediately. My daughter was gone that day and I begged for him to at least be here when she gets back so we could say a proper goodbye, and they had no response. I have shot records and tags, his bed and crate, but it seems like they had little interest in his best interest. This has left a big emotional impact on our family. Any recourse ideas?

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My ex wants his dog back after 2 years.

My ex has legal ownership of our dog. However, he moved to Toronto (4 hours away) and works too much, so he left the dog with me to take care of. Now, 2 years later, he decided to come to the region and wants the dog back, even with his same schedule that is too busy to take care of a dog. Do I have a case in the courts seeing that I have been this dog's guardian for the past 2 years? He has only seen the dog twice a year for the past 2 years.

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What to do with a bite allegation from your dog.

I was leaving my apartment to drop my dog off at the daycare, and I usually set my window down halfway for her. As we were leaving, I had to stop to let a new tenant that was walking her dog cross the road. She didn’t cross the road but continued to walk towards us at the edge of the asphalt so I could drive through. I put my car in gear, but my dog (who gets along and plays with 90% of the dogs at my apartment complex) jumped out and ran over to meet this new dog. The owner freaked out and snatched her dog off the ground by the leash. The interaction was no more than a second. I got out of my car and went over to grab my dog to put her back in the car. At this point her dog was yelping, not sure if it was from fright or whiplash. I went to see if her dog was okay and saw no blood. My dog was accused of biting her dog and I was summoned a $250 vet invoice that she wants me to pay.

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