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I want my dog back from the rescue center.

I was given a puppy for free and he had something wrong with him and needs surgery. I didn’t think I would be able to afford it, so someone from a rescue center collected him from me. A few hours later, I contacted them stating I had the money for his surgery and treatment and that I wanted him back. They told me no. I didn’t legally sign him over to them, and he’s still micro chipped in my name. Is there any way I can get him back?

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My neighbor wants to separate kittens from the mother.

My neighbor has a cat and it has continuously had kittens on our porch, none of which have been taken care of by my neighbor. My neighbor's cat pretty much lives with us and we have to feed her because our neighbor wont. A couple weeks ago, the cat had kittens again, but this time my neighbor wants to take them to what potentially could be a kill shelter. What can I do about this? I've been feeding them everyday and I have been with them since they were born.

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I got a free cat from Craigslist and the previous owner took it back.

A guy was giving away a free cat on Craigslist and we accepted her. A day later, he said that he needed her back to take her to the vet for a shot and that he'll bring her back the next day. Now he is saying he isn't going to bring her back. My fiancé is now in tears because she has already lost a cat to cancer this year, and she doesn't want to lose another one. Is there anything we can do?

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Can my friend take back the cat that she gave me?

I was gifted a cat when a friend moved into a new apartment with an allergic roommate. Now after 408 days in my care, my friend is claiming that I was only fostering the cat and she wants the cat back. She says she has paperwork from the shelter to prove that the cat is hers, and she’ll do whatever is legal to take her back. She has lived in over 7 apartments in less than a year and the cat has thrived in my care. Does she have any legal standing? How can this be fair?

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Can I surrender the mother and keep the puppies?

My friend has a dog that ended up getting pregnant. The mother has become aggressive and has started to neglect her puppies, so my friend is surrendering the mother. However, is she allowed to keep the puppies?

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