Lost emotional support animal

My son's emotional support animal got out. I was told that some people in a neighborhood in the area where she was last seen are known for taking in strays and keeping them.

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Can I have my dog returned?

I had a dog of which I named Puppy. Puppy had previously been snatched up by the pound and I paid for him to be released to me and have all of his shots taken care of. A few months later the same dog catcher went into my yard and took my dog and claimed he found my dog in the road. The dog catcher came because a neighbor called the pound because my small dog would sneak through the gate to see her pit bull in heat. The neighbor did not even notify me before calling the pound.

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Cat attacks dog on leash unprovoked

A few months ago, as my wife was walking a foster dog we were taking care of up the stairs to our apartment on a leash, a cat charged down the stairs and attacked the dog's face. The dog defended itself and clamped down on the cat. My wife then put her hands in to try to separate the two animals, when the cat bit and scratched her hand to the point of needing stitches and seeing a hand surgeon for consultation.

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Abandoned dog

A former friend left her dog with me after asking me to take the dog. Three years have passed and she wants the dog back.

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Negligent Rescue Organization

My husband and I adopted a 2 y/o lab/shepherd mix on 4/6/18. The dog was initially living in Texas then transported to Virginia in February 2018; the same rescue organization has branches in TX and VA, and they both coordinated his care. I had asked before adopting him if he had any significant health issues other than being overweight and was told no. We took him to the vet the day we got him and found out he was heart worm positive and has been since at least since December 2016, as he tested positive for it in June 2017 and it takes six months for the test to come up positive.

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Ex kept my dog

I purchased a dog individually in 2015, while living with a girl. I just moved out about a month ago. When moving my stuff, she physically took possession of my dog and threatened to call police if I came near her to retrieve dog. I have not had access to the property since to get my dog.

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My niece left her dog with me while she was ill and wants her dog back after I cared for it for a year

My niece was ill last year in March 2017 and she asked if I would take care of her dog until she was well and I said yes. She came and picked up the dog from my house in April 2017. The very next day she brought the dog back and said I just cant handle this dog and left it at my house. Now after a year of caring for the dog, and trips to the vet and groomer, she wants the dog back.

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Rehoming Custody Problem

I was forced out of my home and had to board animals. I had five total, three dogs and two cats. I found a condo and could not bring all of them with me.

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