Our Latest Rescues

//Our Latest Rescues

Hurricane Matthew 2016

Animal League America is Prepared to Aid Shelters Hit by Hurricane Matthew October 11, 2016: Unfortunately, it seems yet another Animal Welfare Emergency is upon us – Hurricane Matthew. Everyone at North Shore Animal League America would like to extend our sincerest sympathies to all affected. We are deeply saddened to hear about the Read More

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Louisiana Floods 2016

Catastrophic Flooding in Louisiana Leaves These Dogs Homeless Picture this; you’re a happy, healthy dog living with your beloved family. You enjoy going out for walks with your pet parents, lounging around the house with your canine siblings, and the sound of your food bowl being filled at dinner time makes your tail wag Read More

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More than 650 Homeless Animals Rescued Thanks to Team Effort with Shelter Partners & Rescue Groups

At North Shore Animal League America every life is valuable. As the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization we take pride in providing companion animals, who would otherwise have no other options, with a chance to live out their lives in responsible, loving homes. This March, with the help of our shelter Read More

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The Journey of Off-Site Puppy Mill Rescues

Five pickup trucks trudge through a muddy, rain-soaked field in the rural Midwest. Stacked haphazardly in the flat beds of these trucks sit a handful of wire crates covered by a giant tarp. Crammed inside these flimsy, rusted crates are terrified dogs fresh out of the nightmare that is living as a breeding machines Read More

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Team Effort Brings Abandoned Guide Dogs to Safety

Imagine this: You're a dog. Okay, I know it’s not the easiest thing to fathom considering you don’t have four legs and most of us aren’t covered in fur. But, think about what it would be like to trek up and down the heavily forested mountains of Taiwan as a guide dog. Now, imagine Read More

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Hurricane Sandy 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Animal League America Provides Relief Animal League America conducted emergency rescue and relief efforts for the animals and people affected by Hurricane Sandy. After opening our emergency animal shelter on Sunday, October 28 at Mitchel Field in Nassau County, NY, over 400 animals that were displaced when their owners had to evacuate Read More

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Colorado Wildfire 2012

Colorado Wildfires 2012 - Animal Rescue and Relief North Shore Animal League America and National Mill Dog Rescue teamed up to help Colorado residents and their pets that were evacuated from their homes due to the dangerous wildfires that ravaged more than 15,000 acres. Our emergency rescue team set up their Mobile Rescue Units, Read More

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