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Donor Spotlight: Mel and Rochelle Spielman

When she was just four years old, Mel and Rochelle Spielman’s daughter, Bari, announced that she wanted to be a “doggie doctor.” The news did not necessarily come as a surprise to her mom and dad, who, during their 55-year marriage have always had a love for animals, sharing their home with an assortment of rabbits, birds, and, of course, dogs, including their current companion, a five-year-old German Shepherd named Hunter.

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Donor Spotlight: David and Linda Kaltenbach

In September 2016, on the spur of the moment, David and Linda Kaltenbach decided to take a road trip. But it wasn’t just any road trip. It was a journey with a personally meaningful, lifesaving destination. The couple, who live in Oberlin, Ohio, drove more than eight hours and 500 miles to visit North Shore Animal League America.

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Donor Spotlight: Tom and Tammy Mandia

For Tom and Tammy Mandia, supporting North Shore Animal League America represents not only their concern for companion animals but also their thoughtful approach to philanthropy. In other words, passion plus practicality equals saved lives.

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Donor Spotlight: Jacquelyn Zehring

Jacquelyn Zehring has always been owned by cats. “I’ve never met a cat I didn’t like — just some more than others!” says the Winchester, Va., resident. Jackie first heard about North Shore Animal League America in the mid-70s from a good friend who was supporting our no-kill mission. Jackie was searching for an organization that not only rescued animals in need, but also helped them heal and placed them in loving, permanent homes.

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Donor Spotlight: Tracy Krulick and Tom Dillickrath

For Tracy Krulick and Tom Dillickrath, of Alexandria, Va., compassion for animals involves both how they live — and how they give. “Tom and I control the things we can control,” says Tracy. “We control our food, for example, by being vegans. And we make our home welcoming, safe, and fun for our rescues. But we can help only so much. By supporting North Shore Animal League America, we can help so many more animals.”

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